Bechtel Corporation Senior Planner (PMO) in Canberra, Australia

Requisition ID: 212962

  • Internal Candidate Under Consideration: [[cust_IntCand]]

  • Relocation Authorized: National - Family

  • Project No.: 26028

  • Grade: 26-27

  • Security Clearance Required: Ability to obtain and maintain security clearance


Embedded with the customers organisation, this position will be responsible for providing Scheduling, Reporting and Management Information (MI) support and guidance to the customers team within a Programme Management Office (PMO).


1. Support the development of a PMO capability for the client reform through the development and adoption of new-ways-of-working.

2. Supports the development of new project controls planning/scheduling tools for the client and developing and then taking forward detailed implementation of those new tools.

3. Provides input and support to corporate reform planning, championing the needs of the Planning Function.

4. Assists the client in planning and implementing the rollout of reforms, including the interplay between different reform initiatives, taking account of specific project needs and situations.

5. Provides advice and guidance to senior client leaders, and training, coaching and mentoring of client staff.

6. Participates in developing the clients planning/scheduling policy.

7. Participates in evaluating the clients workload, staffing plans and scheduling activities if required.

8. Responsible for the implementation of functional training programs across the clients offices if required.

9. Performs audits to ensure the quality of the planning/scheduling function.

10. Prepares, coordinates, and directs planning and scheduling presentations to Bechtel and client management, as required.

11. Directs all schedule development and maintenance monitoring activities. Develops, interprets, and executes policy objectives and standards applicable to schedule maintenance and the monitoring of development functions.

12. Directs schedule analysis/study and problem-solving activities. Develops and interprets guidelines applicable to the analysis function.

13. Directs schedule reporting activities and provides assistance and guidance for the display or presentation of schedule information.

14. Role may be required on business trips to the clients sites outside of Canberra as required.


1. Operational experience within a Programme Management Office (PMO) environment with a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Management Information (MI) reporting.

2. Experience in performing, monitoring, and reviewing planning and scheduling functions, which include schedule development, control, and analysis, in the field and the home office.

3. Knowledge of supervision, personnel administration, and training of technical and non-technical personnel.

4. Skilled in oral and written communication, with a demonstrated ability to present planning and scheduling information to management and clients.

5. Proficiency with PC operating systems, with proficiency in several basic software applications. Proficiency with multiple discipline specific software applications currently used in Bechtel (Microsoft Office Applications, for example).

6. Skilled in delivering results through influence and persuasion.

7. Demonstrated skill in identifying, analysing, and solving problems.

8. Experience of delivering organisational transformation and/or working in/with government entities is desirable.

BOPS Guidelines include the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position. Please refer to the Guidelines and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.